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TRP/YPJ tattoo stickers

TRP/YPJ tattoo stickers

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Introducing our multi-tattoo sticker featuring the combination of the TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE and YOUTH PRIDE JAPAN logos.

This product uses hypoallergenic adhesive (patch tested) that is safe for direct skin application. We've conducted an ingredient survey ensuring no intentional inclusion of metals like mercury, lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, or formaldehyde. However, please note the following guidelines for safe usage:

- Avoid applying around the eyes, mouth, or on sensitive skin.
- Do not use if you have sensitive skin, are a small child, or have wounds, rashes, allergies, etc.
- Avoid prolonged wear as it may cause sunburn marks.
- Discontinue use immediately if itching or pain occurs and consult a dermatologist.

TRP logo: vertical Approx. 36mm x width Approx. 36mm
YPJ logo: Approx. 29mm x 40mm

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